Adventurers & Explorers

Vintage collecting cards, brass pieces on canvas

61 x 82cm


A collection of original, vintage collecting cards and brass pieces arranged on painted canvas with a three-dimensional element. The work is mounted behind glass in a dark brown, wooden frame.

Featuring hand drawn images of historical scenes, these cards were produced by the Brooke Bond Tea Company in the 1960’s where they would have been individually collected from boxes of tea in an attempt to complete the set.

These particular cards have been gathered from a variety of sources and brought together to create a repetitious pattern reminiscent of a rug or printed fabric when viewed from a distance. 

The arrangement also draws inspiration from complete sets of framed collecting cards found on walls adorning many traditional English pubs.

The addition of a brass sphere or circular form hints at a strange planet or other celestial body, and evokes an other-worldliness that suggests these pioneers are exploring an unknown landscape.

© Adam Robinson