Vintage postcards on canvas

61 x 76cm


A collection of original, vintage U.S. postcards arranged on painted canvas with a cut three-dimensional element. The work is mounted behind glass within a grey, wooden frame.

Produced in the 1930’s and 40’s, these postcards have been collected from a variety of sources and then arranged to form a geometric pattern. This particular arrangement has been created to lead the eye down through the piece, each row having a visual link with the one above or below. Sunken rectangular centres leave behind raised frames which reflect the frame of the artwork itself.

The repeated hand-drawn illustrations depict iconic buildings in the city of Atlanta, such as the State Capitol and City Hall, which still stand today. A reminder of the individual history and journey of each postcard is evident in the postmarks.

Commissioned for a resident of Atlanta, this artwork is part of an ongoing series utilizing vintage U.S. postcards in differing configurations and styles.

© Adam Robinson