Entrance to Harbour - SOLD

Foreshore, North End

Model Yacht Pond

On the Pier - SOLD

Parade - SOLD

The Beach

The Pier - SOLD

The Sands

The Sea Shore

Littlehampton Series

Vintage postcards, acrylic crystals on canvas

15 x 20cm


An original, vintage British postcard and acrylic crystals arranged on canvas with a cut three-dimensional element. Each of the nine works are mounted behind glass within grey, wooden frames.

Depicting images from the seaside town of Littlehampton in the 1930’s, these postcards were discovered at an antique market in Essex. Each one has been altered in an identical fashion to give the set a sense of unity.

The sharp, geometric form of the sunken circles provides a contemporary layer to the pieces whilst also serving to highlight the central section of the photographs. The use of three alternating crystal colours contribute a sense of contrast to the surrounding monochromatic images.

Evoking a strong sense of nostalgia, these works reference a bygone era when holidaying in a coastal town, whatever the weather, was the norm for most British citizens. The multi-coloured crystals compliment the celebratory nature of the scenes as people are seen relaxing and enjoying themselves by the seaside.

These small works are the first in a series of pieces utilising a single postcard.

© Adam Robinson