Vintage stamps, painted wood on canvas

103 x 103cm


A collection of original, vintage postage stamps and painted wood arranged on canvas with a three-dimensional element. The work is mounted behind conservation glass within a dark brown, wooden frame.

Collected from a variety of sources and carefully removed from the letters and postcards they were once attached to, these colourful British stamps depict King George V and King George VI.

Contained within a large circle representing the globe, all of the stamps are the same height leading to a clean pattern of horizontal lines. Serving as the equator, the three-dimensional strip of painted wood halves the collection with the top segment being upside-down.

Evoking a strong sense of nostalgia, this work references a bygone era when mail was the primary form of correspondence. It also embodies the common pastime of stamp collecting, part of many a childhood around the world.

© Adam Robinson