Hotel Polski

Vintage board game cards, metal brads and painted wood on canvas

47 x 75cm


A set of original, vintage Polish board game cards arranged on canvas with a three-dimensional element. The work is mounted behind glass within a light grey wooden frame.

Sourced from Poland, these vintage cards were once part of a mid-century board game and are now presented in alphabetically ordered rows according to the hotel name and then raised from the background. Pristine metallic brads have been added to give a hint of colour and contrast to the worn nature of the surrounding material.

The small frames that house the cards have been constructed from wood and painted in household acrylic. They have been intentionally constructed in a rudimentary fashion to represent the window or door frames of an ageing hotel.

Evoking a sense of nostalgia, the individual history of these items is evident in the discoloration, marks and general wear of the paper.

© Adam Robinson